The activities of Wilderness Rescue Team are managed by a team of officers and appointed advisors and representatives. Officers are elected each October by the general membership. These officers begin their one year terms on November 1st which is the beginning of our fiscal year. Advisors and representatives are appointed by the officers at the beginning of their terms.

Below are descriptions of each of the elected positions. If you would like more information about these positions, please email

Director: The director will preside at all business meetings. He/she will
be responsible for the general direction of the team, its officers, and team
members. He/she shall have authority to sign checks.

Training Officer: The training officer shall plan and implement all monthly trainings which occur at the first part of general membership meetings and the 2nd Saturday of each month. Also maintain training records and a yearly training calendar.

Secretary: The secretary shall take notes at all business meetings, and
make sure the notes are posted on the website. He/she will update and
maintain current call lists and member info sheets. He/she shall post all
nominations for officer elections.

Treasurer: The Treasurer will oversee all financial matters
including accounts payable and accounts receivable. He/she will monitor all
accounts, and file all applicable tax returns, certifications, licensures,
etc. He/she will be responsible for the purchase of new team equipment.