Team Members














Joe: I’ve been with WRT since longer than I can remember. I joined after meeting some of the team out ice climbing in New Hampshire and have been heavily involved ever since. I’m currently the team Director. I have speciality as a high angle technician and as a search specialist but prefer to leave the medical to some of the more highly trained folks.


Matt:  I’m a student at Bates College.  I’ve been involved in backpacking and hiking since I was a kid and got into search and rescue after taking a wilderness first aid course in the spring of 2010.  That following summer, I joined WRT and have been an active team member ever since–I’m now a W-EMT and a search specialist–I’m working toward my high angle technician specialty as well.  I really enjoy working with WRT and helping when folks are in need.  I spent the summer of 2012 working as a park ranger for the National Park Service and am back in Maine and ready for anything and everything that the state can throw at me.


Jake: My first backpacking trip on my 7th birthday and I’ve been backpacking ever since. I moved to maine in September of 2009 and joined in October of 2009–I was on a search and rescue team in New Jersey prior to WRT. It’s been great times ever since. I am currently the treasurer and new member coordinator. I like to say that I’m good at a few things and great at nothing–But for the team am a Search Specialist and a Medical Technician. When I’m not backpacking I’m bike riding, surfing, or driving my Jack Russell crazy.



Paul: I’m attending the University of Southern Maine. I’m going for my Bachelor’s in Geography and currently have a certificate in GIS (Geographic Information Systems). My adventures with hiking started in the summer of 2003 when my friend brought me to Wells Estuary. I really enjoyed my day and started hiking avidly after that. From there I joined the team in 2005. I’m a search specialist on the team. Being a member of WRT is definitely one the best things I’ve ever done.



I joined when I decided that I wanted to spend more time in the outdoors and do more to help others. That was in April 2011 and it was one of the best decisions of my life!! The team has turned into my second family. When I’m not volunteering my time to WRT, you can find me hiking, dancing, biking, skiing, or climbing.



Mark:  Mark is currently busy as one of the Chimney Pond Rangers in Baxter State Park.  But that doesnt excuse him from having a profile!  Lets go Mark!!!






Adam:  My name is Adam Gagne and I currently live in Windham, ME.  I have a love of the outdoors and being part of the Wilderness Rescue Team gives me the opportunity to give back to the community throughout the state of Maine. I joined WRT in the fall of 2009 and when we are not training or on callouts you can find me climbing, biking, kayaking or hiking throughout Maine and New Hampshire.



Greg: I’ve been climbing up mountains since I could crawl. When I was 15, I was involved in my first SAR mission while on a circuit of peaks in the White Mountains.  That first accidental SAR was kind’a like who we are and what we do for the State and the people of Maine.  I took my first class with WRT in 1992 as a FFI/EMT-Basic because it was close to my new National Guard home in Brewer, Maine.  I fell in love with the team and have been a member ever ‘since!