The activities of Wilderness Rescue Team are managed by a team of officers and trustees. Officers are elected each October by the general membership. These officers begin their one-year terms on November 1st.

Below are descriptions of each of the elected positions. If you would like more information about these positions, please email us.

Director: Shall preside at all meetings, construct the agenda for all meetings, sign all papers of the corporation, and generally oversee all administration operations of the team. They shall be responsible to ensure all laws and applicable regulations are followed. They shall provide general direction to the other officers and appointed positions, provide testimony on behalf of, representation of, and act as liaison to government and other agencies except as otherwise specified for advisors. The director shall have authority to sign checks.

Training Officer: The Training Officer shall have the overall responsibility for training, tracking attendance and competence levels of team members as well as maintenance of records for the same. They shall update the board quarterly on training progress and attendance for each team member and alert the board to members who have met patch requirements. They shall present to the general membership an outline of the monthly training events for the coming calendar year by the December meeting of the previous year.

Treasurer: Shall pay all lawful financial obligations of the team per the procedure specified in Article VI of the bylaws, maintain current status of corporate certification, tax returns, tax licensures, etc. they shall report in detail the financial standing to the general membership on a monthly basis. They shall be responsible for all contracts of the team and coordinate all discounts for purchasing of equipment for the team and/or its members. The Treasurer shall have authority to sign checks.

Secretary: Shall record all monthly meeting minutes and publish said minutes in a timely manner to the membership. They shall maintain the membership contact database to be reviewed at monthly meetings. They shall provide content to the Webmaster and /or media personnel for posting or updating purposes. They will ensure nominations are published in a timely manner each September. They will keep and maintain the list of team library materials.